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Updating Linux through the WEB
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Updating Linux through the WinSCP
Linux 2.6 Details
Further details about the 2.6 update can be found at
The Linux used in the iCOBI recorders has been updated to Linux 2.6

In addition to being a more current version, Linux 2.6 generally performs better and allows use of a much more modern Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The new JVM is Java 1.7 compliant and has proven to be more stable than earlier JVMs. So among other things, you can expect overall reliability improvements.

The transitional update posted here is installed on top of a system currently running Linux 2.4. It is quite large, since it contains portions of Linux 2.4 (so it can run enough to install) as well as the complete Linux 2.6 installation. All further Linux updates will be based on Linux 2.6, and will be considerably smaller.
FAQ   iCOBI Maximum Cable Distance

Q: What is the maximum cable distance between my recorder and my sensors?

A: The maximum allowable length of a single continuous shielded CAT6 cable is 500ft. You can have up to two sensors connected in a daisy chain fashion on a single port. The maximum distance to the first sensor can be 500ft away from the recorder. The maximum distance to the second sensor can be 1000ft away from recorder and 500ft away from the first sensor. Longer cable runs may be possible, please contact sales@eqmet.com for more information.
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