MitiGator+ Manuals

MitGator+ Firmware/Support Software
This distribution consists of the following components:

MTGPlus_2.3.txt - MitiGator+ Firmware Image
MitiGator_CDC.inf - MitiGator+ USB Driver
MitiGator_BSL_GUI.exe and BSL430.dll - MitiGator+ Firmware Updater
Mitigator2 Changes.txt - MitiGator+ Changes ReadMe
300996NC.pdf - MitiGator+ manual in Adobe PDF format
PuTTY download:
PuTTy is an SSH and telnet client that can be used to communicate with the Mitigator+
Cost-Effective and Code Compliant Products for
Earthquake Monitoring and Solutions
A Kinemetrics Brand
MitiGator+ Setup Notes and Q&A
Basic MitiGator+ Setup (AppNote 76)
MitiGator+ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ   MitiGator+ External Relay

Q: I have to connect a MitiGator+ to switch an external circuit. How should I do this?

A: The MitiGator+ internal circuitry can be inadvertently damaged when used to switch inductive loads such as relays. To avoid damage to the MitiGator+, external clamping diodes should be added. Details are provided in the MitiGator+ Reference Manual.

FAQ   MitiGator+ Independent Approvals

Q: Are there any independent approvals or certifications for the MitiGator+?

A: The chargers we use for both the MitiGator+ and MitiGator+ IND are UL approved. However, at the present time we have not submitted the complete MitiGator+ units for UL, CSA, or CE approval.

FAQ   MitiGator+ Software Compatibility

Q: What software do I need to communicate with my MitiGator+

A: You can communicate with the MitiGator+ in one of several ways:

Serial connection: For normal parameter adjustments you can use any 3rd party terminal program like PuTTY to connect to and communicate with the MitiGator+. 

USB connection: Alternatively, the MitiGator+ USB port presents as a virtual COM port to Windows. We provide a non-digitally signed Windows device driver that will make the MitiGator+ appear to Windows as a serial port, that is available on our web site. For normal parameter adjustments you can use any 3rd party terminal program like PuTTY to connect to and communicate with the MitiGator+. Please note that on Windows 8 and later extra steps may be needed to allow Windows 8 to install a non-digitally signed device driver.

Firmware Updates: A Windows program for communicating with the MitiGator+ via USB is available on our web site.

Instructions for using this software are in the MitiGator+ User Manual.
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